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Our Services

Send in a draft of your MBA application essay, and we will thoroughly review it. As part of our review process, we will proofread, edit, and suggest improvements to your draft. We only charge a fee for our services if you are admitted into an MBA program.

The Process

As you submit your draft essay in the Submit Draft Essay section, you will be prompted to specify your desired pricing and payment options. If you elect to pay only if admitted into an MBA program, we will refund all charges if you did not receive an acceptance anywhere.

Once you hit the 'Submit' button, we guarantee a three business day turnaround for our edits to your draft essay.  Stay on the lookout for a confirmation email after submitting. 


OPTION 1: Pay Only If You Are Admitted


We will fully refund all fees if you are not accepted into any MBA program for the coming year. We figure we're not doing our job right if you're not admitted. The fees up front are $500 for the first essay draft we review and $100 for any additional essay.

OPTION 2: Discounted No-Refund Payment 


Pay $100 now for each essay (not contingent on admission). Note that if this option is selected, you should not expect any refunds. 

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